New Honda XR150L Review! | CT125 competition or too "CHEAP"?


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New 2023 Honda XR150L Review: Specs, Features, Accessories, Riding + More! Today, we’re taking a closer look at the latest, new dual sport motorcycle to be released from Honda in the USA. Yes, the XR150L has been sold around the world from Mexico to Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, Asia and more but it’s the first time this bike that can take you on any adventure you’d like to go on with a motorcycle – has been sold in America. It’s got a lot of competition though as when you stack the XR150L VS the Trail 125 / CT125 – it’s going to be a tough decision, despite the XR150L being ,000 cheaper and one of the cheapest motorcycles you can buy, period. Why? Well, there is a fit and finish build quality difference between the two among other features. It’s going to be interesting to see how well it does though when people compare the XR150L to the Grom, Monkey and other small motorcycles but then you’ve also got the rest of the dual-sport motorcycle lineup from Honda with the CRF300L, CRF300L Rally but I don’t see a lot of people cross shopping them nor the larger CRF450RL and XR650L.

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0:00 Intro to New Honda XR150L Review / Specs
0:22 XR150L Problems
0:27 Future, New Honda Videos
0:41 Discount Codes
0:50 Honda XR150L Options / Colors
1:07 XR150L Plastics / Different Colors
1:17 Honda XR150L Chassis & Suspension
1:20 XR150L Frame / Chassis
1:50 XR150L Seat Height
1:57 Motorcycles for Short Riders
2:06 CRF300L Low Seat / CRF300LS
2:10 XR150L Ground Clearance
2:14 XR150L Skid Plate
2:24 XR150L Suspension
2:27 XR150L Front Suspension Specs / Adjustable?
2:42 XR150L Rear Suspension Specs / Adjustable / Travel
2:52 XR150L Wheels
2:58 XR150L Front Wheel Specs
3:03 XR150L Rear Wheel Specs
3:05 XR150L Tires
3:15 XR150L Knobby Off Road Tires
3:20 XR150L Brakes
3:24 XR150L Front Brakes / Rotor & Caliper Specs
3:30 XR150L ABS? | Anti Lock Braking System
3:37 Honda XR150L Canada / Europe Import
3:45 XR150L Rear Brakes / Specs
3:54 Honda XR150L Engine & Drivetrain
3:57 Honda XR150L Engine Specs
4:05 Honda XR150L Horsepower
4:10 Honda XR150L Torque
4:14 Honda XR150L VS Grom 125 Race
4:24 Honda XR150L VS Motorcycles Horsepower Comparison
4:29 Honda XR150L MPG / Fuel Economy / Fuel Mileage
4:34 Honda XR150L Gas Tank Capacity / Fuel Capacity
4:37 Honda XR150L Miles Per Tank / Fuel Range
4:42 Honda XR150L Carburetor VS Fuel Injection
5:05 Honda XR150L Top Speed / Highway
5:20 How to make XR150L Faster
5:24 Honda XR150L Transmission
5:37 Honda XR150L Chain / Sprockets / Gearing
5:43 More XR150L Info!
5:47 Honda XR150L Storage
5:56 Honda XR150L Accessories & Parts Options
6:01 Honda XR150L Tank Bag Storage
6:02 Honda XR150L Saddlebags
6:06 Honda XR150L Skid Plate
6:08 Honda XR150L 12v Power Outlet / Accessory Plug / Charger
6:10 Honda XR150L Hand Guards / Bark Busters
6:14 Honda XR150L Aftermarket Accessories & Parts
6:23 Honda XR150L Gauge Display / Electronics
6:39 Honda XR150L Rider Controls / Handlebar
6:55 Honda XR150L Lights / Turn Signals
6:59 Honda XR150L Headlight / High & Low Beam
7:01 Honda XR150L Brake Light / Taillight
7:04 I HATE this on the XR150L… foot peg angle
7:22 Did Honda mess this up on the XR150L?
7:27 Honda XR150L Tool Kit
7:32 Changing Honda XR150L Foot Pegs / Aftermarket
7:38 Where is the XR150L made? Manufactured? Built and Produced?
7:57 Honda XR150L Sundiro / China / Mexico
8:03 Honda XR150L & NAVi Mexico
8:11 Honda is listening… What do you think?
8:27 Future videos…

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